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Cormyr has been turned upside down with the murder of King Azoun. Tanalasta Obyskyr the daughter of King Azoun was convicted by the council of murdeing King Azoun. Harroon is now the Steward of Cormyr with the disappearance of Vangerdehast. . Tanalasta has fled the Capital City of Suzail.

SLIM has awoken with amnesia from a deep slumber over 15 years later in the hills near the watch station called High Horn in the western part of the Stormhorn mountains. SLIM must discover who they are and thwart the plans of Haroon.

New factions to the political siege on Cormyr have arrived. The mercenary group Hidden, Zhentil Keep soldiers, Manshoon, and Ancient Purple Dragon all play a part to destabilize, seize power, and other unknown motives in Cormyr.

Can SLIM stop the madness and bring peace back to Cormyr?


SLIM Campaign

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